Sydney-born DJ-Producer Mike Kelly hit the decks with turntablist and clubber/ raver friends in the early nineties, driven by the city’s vibrant underground house and rave scene.  As vinyl began to disappear from clubs, he’s developed some new ways to keeping his hands moving, with live drumming, and often combining his DJ sets with live musicians including violinist Dylan Naylor and vocalist Natalie Gauci.


His audio taste spectrum is a hybrid of house, tech, deep-house, techno, tribal, progressive, and related sounds. His mixing is energetic. Typically Mike aims for the hip, pushing the bass & rhythm to the front, whilst layering in hypnotic melodies, warm and meaningful vocals, and lush spatial sounds.
The daily question answered: “Why did you move to Germany?” … Mike played throughout Australia’s east coast, playing the major clubs Home, Arq, Midnight Shift, Soho, The Civic, Manacle and countless others, as well as the famed Mardi Gras Party seven times.  He toured the hotspots of Melbourne and Brisbane hotspots until 2005, whilst completing his university degree in Music, Media & Cultural studies, and promoting events, then finally set out on a musical exploration tour, figuring that moving to Germany would be both a massive stimulation, and a case of diving into the deep end!

As a DJ He followed only the sounds which penetrated deeper than his ears. Mike’s sound developed extra spatial and rhythmic dimensions and his mixing a smooth precision. In this voyage of sound he sought a travelling community of bohemian future-music lovers…and found them. In 2006, he was snapped up as resident of an iconic Cologne progressive club (Greenkomm), and the famous boutique event in Brussels (Naughty).

Mike now is on constant tour across Western Europe, with residencies & regular appearances for Scream/Walkgroup/LAB’S (Paris, Cologne), Kit Kat (Berlin, Cologne, Karlsruhe), Infinita/Kluster /SpaceOfSound (Madrid), Gayday (Salento), Furball (Amsterdam), GMF (Berlin), GIAM & Gay Village (Rome), Exile/GetTogether (Sydney), Maninfest (Mexico City).

Some time after finishing his music production degree in Sydney, Mike finally returned to the studio, initially collaborating with Jean Philips, and later with Voltaxx, Thomas Penton, Ivan Gomez, Natalie Gauci, Andreas Giese, Eastnwest, and Dylan Naylor.  His productions have picked up plays and support from a huge list of global players: Groove Armada, Hoxton Whores, Tiesto, Erick Morillo, Robert Owens, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Patrick M, Hybrid, Markus Schulz, Pete Doyle, Jens Lissat, Ivan Pica, Jaytech, Miguel Picasso, Gabi Newman, The Flash Brothers, 8Ball, The BeatThiefs, Jazzy M, Oliver Lang, JJ Mullor, Raveline Magazine.

His biggest productions to date have resulted in top 100 House Charting on Beatport with his tune Voltaxx & Natalie Gauci “Part Time Lover” (which also charted top 10 accapellas) and his remix with Jean Philips of Miguel Picasso feat Rebekka Brown “Show Me Your Love”.

Since 2009, Mike has created his own label “Sorry Shoes” which has matured into a well-respected label amongst lovers of house, tech, progressive and techno after over a hundred releases !

Catch Mike´s weekly radio show Sorry Shoes Radio broadcast weekly on RadioFG2, Total DJ Webradio Thursdays at 21:00 (Paris time), and in rotation on Cyberbeat FM.